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The Science of Shelves: More Than Just Planks on a Wall

Learn how adding a little strategy to the placement of shelves can have a big impact on operational efficiency
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Here is a simple organizational “trick” that will allow any venue to instantly increase their storage space (especially in the refrigerators):

Simply put all items of similar heights on the same shelf.

Now I realize everyone “kinda” does this. But by really getting creative and analyzing the different options, entire shelves of space can generally be added to most storage spaces. This allows you to keep more of what you need, closer to where you need it.

As with any organizational effort this process will begin with a basic cleaning effort, evaluating what you really need and getting rid of excess product. From here you can group the remaining product according to height and begin fooling around with different options of what should go where. It often helps to create diagrams before you actually moving things, as this will help minimize the physical labor required when and if adjustments are necessary.

By combining these products can you lower and raise shelves to fit tighter around them. The extra space that can then be used to add entirely new shelves.

And while this sounds easy it can actually get pretty intricate, like a puzzle with the reward for completion being more space, which in turn increases speed and overall efficiency.

And although the most common application of this principle is inside refrigerators, the same concept can be used for all shelving (dry storage, office space, etc.). For this reason it is often best to use shelving racks or shelving with tracks, as they are much easier to adjust.

So to review, take the following steps when optimizing shelf height:

    1. group products of similar height
    1. adjust the shelves to fit these various groups
    1. add new shelves in the empty space

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Davos Seaworth

Interesting take. And I think this could be applied to shelves throughout the venue, not just back bars. Storage rooms, kitchens, offices, and pretty much every other aspect of the venue would likely be able to apply these same rules.

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Daenerys Targaryen

Agreed. This is making me rethink my entire setup in the main hall of my castle.There is so much wasted space that could be better utilized to make service faster (while also being less of a strain on our staff).

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