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Going Beyond "On the Fly"

Expanding the lexicon of your ops team can have a drastic impact on efficiency and attitude
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On the Fly ...

useful ... effecetively communicates

but this is not the only possible situation ...

its either on the fly ... or its not

truth is there are multiple tiers of speed with which items need be brung

why is this important?

because for this command to be effective it has to mean something ... it has to evoke a sense of urgency

with this comes stress ... not bad stress ... but a natural healthy amuont that provides the energy to get it done ...

the point being if this is the case ... we want them to know ... and if this is not the case ... we want them to know

in other words ... effective communication.

to that end we offer the following key for additional terms ... far from an exhaustive burdensome list of technical terms, with the addition one additional we can create a three level categorization status for all requests that effectively describes the need and thus maximizes the physical and emotional efforts of the staff member rqequired ...

"On the Fly"

First we need to be clear on use of the existing term. this should only be used to indicate the highest level of urgency due to the fact that a customer is either directly or indirectly waiting for the item (e.g. the item is needed to finish an order). thusly this should become top priority if possible. a necessary incovneinve to provide top level service

"Last Out"

This is a new term that indicates an item that has just run out. So while note immediately needed — it could become needed at any time and therefore should be fetched right away, but not necessarily with the urgency as when a customer was waiting. Sounds unnecessary? Then you have probably an out of touch and forgotten what it is like as in the support positions. And how annoying it is when you drop everyting you are doing (and remember, everyone has stuff they are already doing, not just you)

No Indicator (default)

With the above two designations indicating the two most common rushed requirements, simply asking for an item can now carry a meaning of its own. Team members can now be confident that if an action request did not have a rushed modifier than it can simply be added to their existing todo list and completed in their natural cycle of duties ... allowing said task to get done without adding any additional physical or mental stress to any party.

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